Paper Roll Splitter

Increase your income while slicing costs from your paper roll recycling operation

Paper Roll Splitters are designed to turn low value butt rolls or books into high value recyclable paper quickly and easily.  Varying diameter rolls may be cut simultaneously, allowing you to achieve high production levels and eliminating expensive sorting and sizing of rolled paper.

Our exclusive dual guide bar design controls blade travel and keeps the blade square while cutting different diameter rolls.  The roll mandril has a built-in knife protection insert that keeps the blade sharp in the event of mandril to swing freely for loading and won't bind, even with the largest rolls of paper.

Built-in safety features like OSHA approved two-hand air controls and mandril lock switch take the worry out of your roll splitting operation.  Side doors keep moving parts concealed from workers and the environment.  

Since Paper Roll Splitters are fully air operated, there is no fear of electrical shock, allowing outdoor operation.  Rigid construction with an easy access to lubrication points, air filter and regulator keeps maintenance to a minimum with little down-time for servicing.

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