Our Facility

The Bill Benetreu Company bridges the gap between 40 years of true manufacturing experience and some of the latest in fabrication technologies. From vertical mills, turret punches, metal lasers, and a CNC pipe bender, we aim to bring you the highest quality parts and knowledge to complete your project.

Our Capabilities

  • 6000w Laser with auto loading tower system that cuts aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass, titanium
  • Press Brakes
  • Turrets punches
  • timesaver
  • CNC Pipe bending
  • CNC Turning with live tooling and Y-axis
  • CNC Milling
  • Screw Machine
  • Vibratory deburring

You dream it, we can make it. Customers seeking custom jobs can expect low cost, high quality, and a good turnaround time.