Lump Breaker

The Bill Benetreu Company Lump Breakers allow the lime (calcium oxide) processing system at your paper plant to handle material more efficiently by breaking down large chunks of burnt lime as they are discharged from the lime kiln.

They are built to withstand the heavy loads and high temperatures of lime kilns day-in and day-out.  They can be installed under the kiln firehood, or even inside it, to upgrade virtually any system.

The Bill Benetreu Company Lump Breakers feature cooled side jackets and rotating shafts. A full complement of models and sizes facilitates installation in existing kilns too. Just specify a lump breaker size larger than the kiln discharge opening.  Optional accessories insure trouble free operation and convenient maintenance for years of dependable service.

Accessories Help Increase Operation and Maintenance Efficiency


Zero Speed Switch senses stopped shaft due to jammed teeth.  It is mounted at the drive end of the lump breaker and driven by a chain drive which connects to the shaft and senses its movement.  The zero speed switch can be wired to stop the motor, set off an alarm, or both.

Hinged Side allows opening of one side of the lump breaker to facilitate inspection or removal of jammed material.

Oil Tight Chain Guard for the drive chain in place of the standard OSHA type chain guard.

By-Pass (Transition) Section takes the place of a lump breaker that has been removed from under the fire-hood either with or without a carriage.  It matches the upper and lower flanges and inside area of the removed lump breaker. 

Size Selection is based on kiln fire-hood discharge opening. Select a size greater than the opening.

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