Belt Shifter

Built for Long Life and Long Life for Your Belts

The Bill Benetreu Company Belt Shifter Guides are designed to increase the efficiency of your flat belt drives and give you years of dependable, 24-hour a day service.  A unique shifter disc design reduces friction on belt edges, increasing belt life.  They are adjustable for belt widths from 3 to 12 inches.

Sturdy yet lightweight construction ensures long life and easy maintenance.  Models are available in many different mounting configurations and travel distances to fit your particular application requirements.

The Bill Benetreu Company Belt Shifter Guides are simple to install, sensitive to control, positive to adjust and reasonably priced.

Note These Quality Construction Features

Shifter Discs: Dynamically balanced aluminum alloy discs are mounted on steel shafts with two ball-bearings. Smooth, hard coated disc face reduces belt edge wear.

Torque Limiter: Slip coupling prevents damage to the shifter carriage and motor drive in the event the carriage jams against the stop nuts.

Motor: Worm gear drives are 1/4 HP, 3 phase, 60Hz, 230/460 volt. Standard T.E.F.C enclosure.


Carriage: Made of aluminum alloy and mounted on sturdy support rods.

Positioning Screw: Heavy duty Acme thread reduces packing of paper dust.

Stop Nuts: Stop Carriage movement to prevent belt from running off pulley face.

Drive Nut: Bronze drive nut engages positioning screw to move carriage.

Mounting Arrangements: Many mounting configurations are available.

Travel Speed: 7.0 inches per minute is standard on motor driven shifters.

Specify To Suit Your Needs From A Wide Variety Of Options


ST- Belt Shifter with Slack Take-Up: Used to shift belt shifter discs 4 inches from original belt setting. Air cylinder mounted under disc carriage and secured to positioning screw shifts carriage when operator actuates 4-way solenoid valve.  Solenoid valve furnished.

LS - Limit Switches: Provided with adjustable brackets to limit travel of shifter carriage electrically at both ends of carriage travel. Two per set.


PI - Position Indicator:  Carriage Position is shown on remote electrical indicator.


Carriage travel distance in inches is travel distance number.

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