Aluminum Cast Pulleys

Die-cast aluminum alloy gives exceptional performance and precision quality at low cost.

Lightweight, long life, rust resistant, tensile strength and hardness is nearly equal to mild steel. Interchangeable bushings, quick mount and dismount, excellent concentricity.
Various bearing types are available.

Ideal for wood or paper products, food processing, packaging, general materials handling and power transmission. Split pulleys make line shaft applications easy. No residue or corrosion marks on products. Easy maintenance, energy efficient.

4 inch Diameter Aluminum Split Pulleys
Crowned Faces are standard. Also available with Flat Faces or Super-Trac. Minimum width 3 1/2 in, using standard bushings.
Nominal Face Width Actual Face Width Hub Length Thru Bore Standard Bore Standard Bushings Weight
3 in3 3/4 in3 1/2 in2 7/16 in1 in, 1 3/16 in1.50 lbs
4 in4 3/4 in3 1/2 in2 7/16 in1 1/4 in, 1 7/16 in1.90 lbs
5 in5 3/4 in3 1/2 in2 7/16 in1 11/16 in, 1 3/4 in2.00 lbs
6 in6 3/4 in3 1/2 in2 7/16 in1 15/16 in, 2 3/16 in2.10 lbs
6 in Aluminum Split & Solid Pulleys
8 in Diameter Aluminum Split & Solid Pulleys
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